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Monday, 21 Sep 2020

Major areas of 3D Animation and Multimedia

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HND in 3D Animation & Multimedia provides a platform for video game production. Today’s Video Gaming is a visually automated solution to very many intricate real world situations. It is the new programing realm where Programing visually takes centre stage, to simulate different situations. Video Gaming is now taking over in immersive training where using simulation, safety sensitive operations like Piloting, Medical Surgery, Heavy Machinery Operation,Millitary training and practice, etc. can be realized.

Among the vast areas under which 3D can be applied include:


Other areas include:

  • Script Writing (Fiction) for Television and Film
  • Digital and Video Post Production and Editing
  • Promotional Video Production
  • Camera and Lighting for Film
  • Video Games Visualization
  • Sound for Moving Image
  • Moving Image Producer
  • Advanced Compositing
  • Moving Image Director
  • Animation Techniques
  • Music Production
  • 2D Animation

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