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Monday, 21 Sep 2020

Career Opportunities

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Exciting career opportunities for media professional designers, artists, programmers and students, exist in the following fields:
  • Advertising firms
  • Websites Designing
  • Professional Cinema crews
  • Television Graphics Designers
  • Music producers and studio managers
  • Recreation of artifacts and extinct life forms
  • Feature movies and cartoon series development
  • Video gaming industries (computer games design)
  • Recreation of ‘accident scenes’ for evidence in courts
  • Video Editors (including Advanced Effects for Music Videos)
  • Product design and packaging (from perfumes Bottles to Cars)
  • Visualization of proposed Architectural Structures (Walkthroughs)
  • Creation of Simulated situations for training purposes (e.g.piloting& medicalSurgery)
  • Multimedia design (Designing interactive CDs & DVDs) for entertainment and tutorials.
Shang Tao is a pioneer institution in 3D Animation and Multimedia training in Kenya.The institution has trainedthe craft of 3D Visualization for 11 years now. The craft of Animation has been barely around for fifty years, but its tools and styles have evolved at an incredible pace. 3D Modeling & Animation (3D Visualization) offers a more photorealistic finish, ideal for modern TV & Movie production as opposed to the more traditional line and ink cartoon (2D) look of the Disney classics productions. This craft has enabled Hollywood to produce movies like Avata ,Transformers,2012, etc.

Shang Tao’s setup incorporates Ten separatespecialized labs for 3D Animation, Music & Audio, Video Editing, Compositing and Digital Film.

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